The Early Drinkers

Drinking in the morning has a terrible pitfall of inevitably leading to lunch, afternoon and evening drinking.

They hang around in packs, speaking in shouts and threats of violence. None of them are pleasant to be around but still they choose to accompany each-other on forages between pubs and alleys. They are the common alcoholics.

My girlfriend lives above a 24-hour pharmacy in the transitional part of town where the city centre blends into the low-income residential areas. When she works early I drive her in ; last week we left her flat at 9:45 am. I was shocked at how many adults were walking around with open cans of booze carrying white shopping bags with the remaining tins nestled in. It’s Normally midday when I see people courageous enough to publicly wobble around pissed, but it seems my schedule never coincided with the drinkers body clock as it woke them up and propelled them to the shop for a liquid breakfast.



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